Deux Rivalry Cup

Deux Rivalry  Cup

Game Rules

FREE Team Entry


Champion will receive a rivalry trophy and a possible donation to your program

Ticket for Game Cost: $5 per ticket

(Tickets can be purchased online and will be checked at gate)


Teams will meet at "James Monroe Practice Field" to participate in games.

Teams will have the opportunity to play everyone on their roster in a unique game format.


Rivalry Game Rules

Games: 1

Time: 45 minute half (2) : 8-10 minute halftime

Rules: Standard VHSL Rules

Roster Cap: 22 Players

This game will be played at James Monroe’s Practice Field on a
date between June 18th-July 1st (TBD), game to start at 6 pm.


The winner of this game will receive a trophy that will embody a healthy rivalry in the future and allow the graduating class to pass down/start a new tradition. Not only will the winning team receive their trophy but a player of the game will be selected and will receive a POG Game Ball.

In order to allow all players the opportunity to share in this event we will have a mini game consisting of two 10 min halves following the game. This is will be considered a 5th quarter event for the players who sat on the bench.


The winner of this 20 min mini game will receive a team prize from Deux.


The only players allowed to play in this game are players who were a part of your 2019-2020 girls soccer program, Junior Varsity or Varsity.

While this event has no affiliation with the VHSL, the game will be played under VHSL rules. One exception being the red card rule being put into place.

This game is expected to be friendly however we do understand tempers get heated. In order to keep players, coaches and fans in check we are going to implement specific red card rules.

Red Card Rules are as follows:


  • If a player receives a red card (soft or hard) they will forfeit the opportunity to be POG and no longer be eligible to play in the remainder of the game

  • If a player, coach or fan receives a soft red (2 yellow cards) the team will play a man down

  • If a player, coach or fan receives a hard red (straight red card) the team will play 2 men down

If a team collectively receives 2 red cards they will forfeit the game and all prizes

If a player, coach or fan becomes disorderly police will escort them off the premises



Teams will be asked to supply

Team Player form with required information  (Needed by June 13th)

Their own Team Uniforms

Their own personal water (Water will be on hand however we ask you supply your own)

Team Equipment for warm ups

Player Transportation

Deux and Sponsors will provide all other necessities


OT Rules:

If game is tied following regulation there will be TWO 5 Minute halves. Both halves will be played no matter the score.

If game is still tied following the 10 Minute Overtime Period, The game will be decided by standard Penalty Kick Rules.

Mini Games Rules

VHSL Rules

Time: 10 Minute Half (2)

2 minute halftime

OT Rules:

If game is still tied after regulation the 2 teams will enter a standard shoot out until winner decided.